Answer The Call


Who We Are

We are the first cliff jumping, martini-making, road-tripping, make-you-smarter, healthier, happier, real-life adventure game. Our mission is to inspire. We provide the cards, and thousands of members around the world to meet and embark on the most extraordinary quests.

The rest is in your hands.


Nitty Gritty

Here’s how True Mastery works. Each week, we crack open our interactive deck and deal you a Challenge Card. Each card contain a dose of insight and lessons to learn from a master in modern or ancient times, from the Italian renaissance inventor Leonardo Da Vinci to a fishmonger from Oaxaca, and instructions on how to complete the Challenge and receive your Points and Clams.

What You Get

While Challenges are their own rewards, we believe in giving extra booty to members that take action and push their comfort zones. Challenges range in difficulty - some take five minutes, others five days or longer - and contain Mastery Points, which track your status, and True Clams, our virtual currency, which you can redeem in the Clam Store, our cantina of eclectic goods.

The Challenge Suites

Our cards are roughly broken down into four adventure suites: Action (pertaining to exercise, travel and the outdoors - like hiking your closest mountain), Skills (which cover things you can learn and do with your hands - like whipping up the 5 French mother sauces), Wisdom (to sharpen the mind and improve areas like memory and obtain knowledge) and Community (which cover a bundle of altruistic endeavors like starting your own compost to leaving a positive note for stranger in a hidden place.)

World (2).jpg


After signing up, our members are placed on a Founding Team. Every Point you earn on your own will go to your Team, which are divided into (3) regional areas that span the globe. Teams compete as units for Points and serve as micro-families within the community. See your handy map that covers these Teams. Where do you fall?

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The latest addition to our world of adventure, we’re planning out the first annual presentation of The Truebadours, over version of the Oscars and a trophy presentation to reward members across several categories, and offer additional prizes. 


True was first launched after our founder, Geoffrey Gray, the longtime investigative reporter and bestselling author, went chasing for a missing clue to a famous unsolved case. The clue was buried in a now defunct old adventure magazine of note called True, which published the personal tales of Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, and the most talented writers of its day. Mesmerized and inspired by the old slick, Gray and his team re-imagined the old True as a modern adventure game, where members can become their own Hemingways, connect with others and compete to embark on the most daring pursuits.